100 W.C WEEK #23

The prompt was to use these words: However, yellow, gingerly, discovered, remarkable

Lilly shut the old oak door softly behind her. The wind was blowing a chilly breeze and the trees made shadows on the walls of the house, however she still felt warm and safe. She gingerly stepped off the porch and on the soft sand below. It was remarkable how soft the sand was. Lilly smothered her feet in it.

Lilly continued across the beach staring at the stars. They were shining bright yellow like star shaped lamps. Lilly soon discovered a sea cave. She crept into the blackness and was lost forever.

Camp Snapshot 100 W.C Sand boarding


Sand was flying everywhere. I couldn’t see where I was going. I was pulling with all my might. The board kept bumping around on the sand as the flat came closer. I felt like hundreds of eyes were staring at me.

I felt the ground even off and my board come to a stop. I opened my eyes. I had sailed past the record line. I had beat the record! I picked up my mighty board and began my climb back up to the top of the towering sand dune.

SRC speech 2017


Hi I’m Bridget I think that I should be nominated for SRC because:

I am quite responsible and I would remember to tell you what is going on around the school and the improvements we plan on making.

I am also very creative so I would be able to come up with fun and different fundraisers for everyone. One of my ideas is a treasure hunt. You bring a gold coin donation and you get to hunt around the school and find fake coins.

It sounds a little childish but it is really fun once you start looking. You can get awards for how many coins you find.

I would also share your ideas to the other members of the SRC group so that everyone’s ideas are included and we can put ideas together to create something new.

I am very confident and like to speak in front of audiences and I am not afraid to share my ideas and thoughts with others.

I will always be available if you have idea for an improvement or fundraiser. I will write it down and tell the SRC group as soon as possible.

This is why I should be nominated for SRC this year.



(I do not want to be in SRC)

First BTN – NZ Volcano

http://www.abc.net.au/btn/story/s2922956.htm this is the link 😉

Blue – Questions

Red – facts

Green – understanding

The BTN was all about the Volcano Mt Ruapehu in New Zealand:

The New Zealand volcano is called Mt Ruapehu and it is half way between Wellington and Auckland. It is the most active volcano in New Zealand. The last time the volcano was active was in 1953 on Christmas Eve when it knocked over a passenger train and killed 150 people! 😢  scientists placed sensors on the volcano so they could see if it showed any volcanic activity. I wonder how they can judge the volcanic activity if the sensors are on the outside? The volcano has a lake in it’s crater so when it erupts hot ash and water come tumbling down the mountain. It causes a mud flow called lahar.  I wonder how hot the ash is if the water is there to cool it? I wonder if the water even cools it?! If the water is in the crater how does the volcano erupt? It helped me understand how dangerous Volcano’s can be and what comes out of the volcano besides lava and rocks.      

Dear 5/6 A

Dear 5/6 A…

My name is Bridget and I am the oldest of three children.

My youngest brother’s name is Eli. He is four and is like a little Viking. He loves violence and sword fighting. He is very energetic and does cartwheels (or flips as he calls it) everywhere. In his spear time he plays Wii.

My other brother is called Sascha. He loves to read and talk. He likes to play Wii with Eli and is quite good at it.

In my spare time I like to read and do handstands and cartwheels. I go to cheerleading and I have learnt to do a back handspring. My favourite food is lasagne and my favourite book right now is When You Reach Me.

On the summer holidays I went to Brisbane to see my cousins. Then we drove down to Bundaberg to see my other cousins and my grandparents. We drove back to Brisbane and then to Mount Beauty. Every year we drive there and stay at one of the camp sites. We don’t have a caravan so we always stay in the same cabin.


It is called Nelse and my mum’s mum picked it out. We have stayed in there ever since.

When I am older I want to be a tennis player, netball player or a writer.

I can’t wait for camp this year! I am really adventurous so I was ecstatic when the teachers said it was an adventure camp.

I am really looking forward to trying new things and expanding my learning this year.

From Bridget

safer internet day webinar reflection

Today we watched a webinar about how to be safe on the internet. It was talking about the digital footprint and how people can figure out who you are. A digital footprint is what people put online and people can track them down with it. Like when you post a picture or put something on Youtube. If someone does end up finding you they could pretend to be someone else and and find out all your private stuff. That’s why you should always put your social medias on private. You should tell a trusted adult such as your parents or teachers. My goal is to have all my social media sites on private by the end of the day.