Aussie Federation BTN

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In 1642 Dutch explorer Adan Tasman stumbled over Tasmania. If he had decided to stick around we would all be speaking Dutch! 😮 in 1770 Captain James Cook claimed a huge chunk of what we now call Australia for Great Britain.  In the 1850’s there were six different colonies. They all had their own defence strategies, trade rules and even Railway lines. You couldn’t travel from Melbourne to Brisbane without switching trains at least once because the railway tracks were different widths!

Soon the colonies started to think about joining together but they were still all curious. The bigger colonies like Victoria and New South Wales were worried that they would have to give the smaller colonies money if they joined together, and the smaller colonies were worried that the bigger colonies would have too much power. 

It is hard to create a new nation, the colonies could have tossed in and become 6 separate countries. It happened in America when it split in to Canada and The United States. In Asia, India had to fight a war before Great Britain gave it independence, then it split into a smaller India and Pakistan.

But things worked out better here, the more populated colonies made it easier by agreeing that every colony had the same number of senators so that they weren’t so outnumbered.

On July 9th 1900 Great Britain agreed to let the colonies go. January 1st 1901 federation happened and the colonies joined together to make a new nation! The Common wealth of Australia! 

But not everything was happy. Women couldn’t vote in federal elections until 1902 and most indigenous people couldn’t vote federally until 1962, they weren’t even counted in Australia’s population until 1971!

Why didn’t Adan Tasman stay in Tasmania?

I wonder why Great Britain decided to let the colonies go?

Now I understand how Australia was made and how it changed over the years.


100 WC Week #26

This week the prompt is – …but how can something so tiny…

Crunch! The dry, hard and crispy brown leaves exploded underneath my feet! The Autumn breeze flew past my face. The creature wriggled around inside the bag. I turned right and stopped in front of a great oak tree and placed the bag down. I ran back to my house. The next morning, I rushed back to the tree. The bag was empty but standing in front of me was a fully grown dragon!

But how can something so tiny grow so big over night?” I thought, the dragon flew off into the skies and was never seen again.


100 WC Week #25

The prompt this week was …so that is why I am always last…:

Thud! My feet hit the ground and my heart is pounding. 10 meters. The race has begun. 9 meters. I feel good, I can make it. 8 meters. My legs are aching. 7 meters. My mouth feels like a desert and I am gasping for air. 6 meters. My face is drenched in sweat. 5 meters. I can see the finish line! 4 meters. Woosh! Someone speeds past me. 3 meters.  So that is why I am always last 2 meters. Sam kay always beats me. 1 meter. I rush over the finish line. I didn’t win this time. 


100 W.C Week #24

The prompt is: 

The air felt fresh and the wind blew wildly through the trees. My brother was beside me. We walked to the large oak tree where we usually rest when the sun is at full blast. I was reaching for the picnic basket when I noticed something outragous about the trees on the other side of the path. They all had statues of hand coming out from underneath them. I pulled the basket closer. Boom! A stone hand emerged from underneath my brother! It pulled him down. There was only one thing to do. I jumped down into the darkness. 

two convicts steal a place in history

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Privet Suds and Privet Thompson steal a piece of cloth.

Regular soldiers get lousy pay to endure boredom, brutality and homesickness. Suds and Thompson think that convicts are better off. 

The sentence handed down was transportation to a second penal colony for seven years!

The other soldiers put iron chains on them. They are torture. they don’t let the prisoner stand or walk.

privet Suds is seriously ill. His stomach bloats, his arms and legs swell. He is taken to the prison hospital where the chains were removed. 5 days later he dies.

I wonder why privet suds got ill and what the sickness was?

I also wonder why their sentence went for so long? 

Maybe it was because they were soldiers and they Judge felt like they had betrayed the country.

I now understand what soldiers go through and how they should be treated. 


The First Fleet BTN

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This BTN was about how the aboriginals felt when the first fleet arrived:

The aboriginals were worried about what the white people would do to them if they found out that they were on the land. They were also curious because the English people were new so they wanted to know more about them. The aboriginals were careful around the new animals (cows) because they hadn’t seen them before.  I wonder what the white people thought when they saw kangaroo’s? The aboriginals weren’t familiar with the white people’s equipment and why they were on their land. This helped me understand how the aboriginals felt when the first fleet arrived.


This BTN was how the English got to NSW:

England’s jails were full in the 1700’s and the laws were harsh. If you stole you could be hanged. But they couldn’t hang everyone. They didn’t know what to do with the criminals. They could transport them and they had colony’s in Africa and America, but America had risen up against England so that was no longer an option. So they decided to make a new colony in NSW which was claimed England’s in 1770 by Captain Cook. I wonder why Captain Cook didn’t make a colony when he found NSW? They sent 11 ships, 6 filled with convicts, 2 carrying the navy for protection and 3 filled with supplies. On the 19 of January they arrived in Botany Bay and 7 days later they docked at Sydney Cove. They thought that the land was different and new. This helped me realize how the first fleet came to Australia and why they came.