100 WC

The prompt is:

Crash! The lightning flashed across the sky slicing the mast in half! The ship wobbled and swayed. Harry Wasad Climbed down the log ladder into the corridor. He rushed into his room and grabbed his diary from under his pillow. He raced into the kitchen and found a big glass jar. Crash! The thunder struck again. Harry toppled over. He took his diary out from his pocket, placed it in the jar then put the lid on a tossed it out the window. He climbed onto the deck and clutched onto the wheel as the magnificent ship toppled into the sea.


Mars Mission BTN

Blue – Questions

Red – facts

Green – understanding

Scientists have successfully guided a robot the size of a car to land on Mars! It took 8 months to reach the planet then it’s shield had to withstand 1600 degrees Celsius as it crashed through the atmosphere! Then they would have 7 minutes to slow down from 20,000 km to 0. But they were successful and on Monday we saw pictures of Mars on Mars! It is not the first robot on Mars but it is the biggest and most equipped. It’s job is to analyse rocks on Mars. The aim is to find out more about what Mars is made of and if there is any life on Mars. Mars is the most like our planet in the solar system. It has an atmosphere and even signs of water. Scientists think that there used to be life on Mars and think that we will find some.

Who will be the first people on Mars?

When we send people to Mars to build the campsite will they send more astronauts?

Now I understand how they get robots to Mars and what a big group of people it takes to achieve it.   

100 WC

The prompt this week was: 

I ran across the humongous rocks and dodged the broken twigs. The Queen was sick and the colony needed water. I was suddenly soaked by a droplet that fell from the sky. I grabbed a leaf and placed it under the falling water and the next drop landed in a perfect ball on the leaf. I started to push the leaf back towards the ant hill. It took time as I had to dodge all the rocks, sticks or anything sharp that would burst my droplet. When I got back they revived the Queen and they awarded me a medal for saving the her.

Ps: the 100 WC site is down so this is a prompt from my Teacher.

100 WC Week #28!

This week the prompt is: 


Toot tooooot! The train station was packed and Hadley had to jog to keep up with her parents. She ducked under suitcases and swerved around benches. Her train was leaving in 5 minutes. She ducked as a bird cage came swinging towards her. Platform 11 was at the end of the station next to the old brick wall of the tunnel. She sat down next to her parents. 2 minutes to go. She couldn’t help staring at two kids playing at the old wall. They looked like they were playing truth or dare. Then one stood up and walked right through the wall!