100 WC Week #28!

This week the prompt is: 


Toot tooooot! The train station was packed and Hadley had to jog to keep up with her parents. She ducked under suitcases and swerved around benches. Her train was leaving in 5 minutes. She ducked as a bird cage came swinging towards her. Platform 11 was at the end of the station next to the old brick wall of the tunnel. She sat down next to her parents. 2 minutes to go. She couldn’t help staring at two kids playing at the old wall. They looked like they were playing truth or dare. Then one stood up and walked right through the wall!

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One thought on “100 WC Week #28!

  1. Well done Bridget. I love the way you have created the movement and excitement of the train station and the crowds of people. You have a great mix of short and longer sentences which help create the movement. Lovely piece of writing. Were they off to Hogwarts??

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