100 WC Week #36

The prompt is: …when all of a sudden…

I saw my life flash before my eyes. They where coming closer. The swarm was huge! Why did I have to choose this bee hive? My parents were deathly allergic to bees… and so was I! I was getting tired of running and my legs were aching. I turned a right towards the Town Hall. The bees followed I turned left towards the Post Office. The bees followed. I was just about to give up …when all of a sudden… I fell. I fell down a porthole and into a pile of muck. The bees didn’t follow me then.

100 WC Week #35


 It was weekend sharing and I was   informing everyone about the time I had at the fair.

“I was at the fair,” I said, “and all of  sudden… the horses jumped of the merry- go round!”

“Sounds  made up.” laughed Tim.

“I’m telling the truth. Look outside and the horses won’t be on the merry- go round!”

Everyone crowded around the window trying to get a look at the merry- go round.

“Look there are the horses!” Tim exclaimed.

I couldn’t believe it the horses where right there life-less on the merry- go round!

“Oh my god! Look!” Screamed Jamie. Everyone stared as the horses jumped off the merry- go round!