August 13

100 WC Week #38

The prompt is: Cushion     Scarlet     Annoying    Watered    Violin

There it was, the SCARLET globe! I was memorized and the whole room went black. The sweet sound of VIOLIN filled my ears and and felt like I was sitting on a velvet CUSHION! Suddenly the violins turned into talking, the velvet cushion turned into a broken patched up mattress and the darkness around me turned into light. I was in my dark cave that smelt like old cheese and an ANNOYING patch of sunlight streamed onto my face. The patched up mattress was cold underneath me. I stood up and WATERED my plants. This was going to be a normal boring day.


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1 thoughts on “100 WC Week #38

  1. libby2016

    Beautifully written Bridget. You create the mood, set the scene and draw in the reader… and then abruptly turn everything around. The last sentence finishes the piece perfectly.


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