September 17

100 WC Week #32

The prompt is:…so, what lies ahead of…

I can barely feel my feet as I rush across the sand. I bolt towards the lake and jump into a canoe. I can see the others in the distance as they sprint across the sand. I look behind me as I near the middle of the lake. The signs say go around but I would be wasting valuable time. I row into the middle of the lake. The water is churning as I row faster. I speed up a tentacle reaches out of the water. It grab’s my canoe and pulls me under. So, what lies ahead of the lake… I don’t know.

September 10

100 WC Week #31

The prompt is: 

I was running. The kite was flying behind me. Suddenly I tripped. There was a hole, a huge hole, it was bigger than my foot but it was shaped like a footprint. I looked around. No – one was around this part of the park. I took another look at the footprints. I thought that they had been made from a long time ago because they had moss growing around the edges. I was worried. I grabbed some sand from the nearby sand pit and filled in the hole. I ran away from there as fast as I could never looking back. I never go to that park anymore but i’m not sure why.

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September 3

100 WC Week #30

The prompt is: … then suddenly it went dark…

The floor was creaking. It was following me! I ran faster. The marble vases and photos fell to the floor with a crash. It was catching up. I turned the corner into the living room and tried to get out the back door. It was locked. It was getting closer. I turned into the laundry and locked the door behind me. I ran into the parlor and locked that door too. I was trapped. The Landry door opened with a snap. He was right outside the parlor. The door crashed open and then suddenly it went dark…

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