100 WC Week #34


My goal is to add show not tell to my writing.

The prompt is :…as the door slammed, I knew…

“Stop it’s mine!” I screamed.

“No it is mine” Shelly screached.  We were fighting over  the IPad a typical thing that we do every day. We were rolling around on the floor tring to grab it befroe the other did. When suddenly I said,

“You are a pig Shelly a mean nasty pig!” Shelly’s eyes bulded wide and staarted to fill up with water, her red cheeks fading.

She ran away and slammed the door to her room, and as the door slamed, I knew I had said the wrong thing.


100 WC Week# 33






The prompt is:


They were sticking out of the water like there was a body attached but there was none. The legs lay there like part of a prank. We all first noticed them on the same day Friday the 13th. Now Friday the 13th has a special curse on it as three boys went missing that day and three pairs of legs sprouted out of the ground. Still they lay here sprouting up like a candle that’s never been lit. someone said they once saw them move with their very own eyes. I don’t know if it’s true but anything can happen on friday the 13th.