BTN – coding school

red – facts

blue – questions

green- understanding

1. Codeing school is held  at Aberfeldie high

2. They make ames and uplode them to the app store

3. Thhey get together twice a week and the club has been hel for three years

1. how complecated is it to code on that app?

2. is it harde han scrach?

1. I undestand about how codeing club works and what they do.

100 WC Week #36

The prompt is: …but where would we hide it all?…

I look up and see blury images on the walls as I speed past. We turn into our room and look at our stash. Two crunchies four mars bars and four lolly snakes. I turn to Jimmy my younger brother and we hi-five before digging in to our candy feast.

“I can’t belive Mum hasn’t caught us!” I say after finshing off my last lolly snake.

We both looked at the pile of rapers infront of us. But where would we hide it all? Sundenly there was a knock on the door.

100 WC Week #35

the prompt is: flame,  swimming,  celebrated, white, tomorrow       

The flame spirted high into the sky. earth around me was white from the days of snow. We had just celebrated christmas and tomorrow we would go back to the plain old days  of swimming in pools or playing with friends. Some of my friends are going overseas while I stay here trapped in a country I have grown up in and know everythng about. not going on an adventure not seeing the world. I will be trapped here no matter what happens.