100 WC Week #2

the promt is: Ladder   Goldfish   Flew   Brown   Slowly

I climbed up the ladder slowly and carefully. It wobbled with every step. As I reach the top I cluch onto the gutter and start shoveling leaves out. I am baking under the midmorning light as I foget I am on a ladder and move. it wobbles so vilenty I am trown off. I fly through the air and land in a puddle of sticky brown mud. Great. I trudge inside to clean myself up and glace over at the fishtank. The goldfish is dead. floating above the water. I sigh. it’s going to be a long day.

BTN – democray

facts- red

questions- green

understanding- blue

1. Democracy was made in greece

2. Democracy means rule of the people.

3. Only rich men could vote

1. Why did they only let rich men vote?

2.  when did democracy stop in greece?

1. I understandthat democracy means rule of the people.


100 WC Week #2

The prompt is: We were moving very fast when.

I jumped into the cart and sped down the hill with Roger and Michel close behind. Mimi was shouting but I couldn’t hear a word she said. We we’re moving very fast  when we hit a rock. It was so sudden and we didn’t see it coming. We flew through the air and crashed at the bottom of the hill and over the line. We had won but my arm was swollen and hurting heeps. I was screaming and shouting as I tried to move my arm. My mother had told me not to race and now this has happened.  

100 WC Week #1


My writing goal is to include more descriptive words- (highlighted in blue)

My prompt is – Red   Before   Snake   Clock   Cycled

I had to get there before midnightcycled down the enclosed alleyways. The street lamps shed a faint light as my small red bike sped down the silent roads. The familiar sound ran through the town as the clock struck twelve. I sped up, hoping that whatever was coming couldn’t keep up. I was focused on getting away. Suddenly a huge black snake was in front of me. This was what was coming a snake. It opened its mouth. Wider and wider until I was swallowed into the wide jaws of the snake. Plunging to my death inside a snake.

letter to Caitlyn

Hi! 😄

My name is Bridget and am excited to start a new year! 🎆 I am in year 6 and was born right here in Melbourne. I am partly Czech and Hungarian as my Dad’s parents are form Hungary and my mum’s parents are from the Czech Republic.

I am a big fan of tennis and so is my mum. One day I want to be a professional tennis player and play in the Aussie open.

I have two brothers. One started school this year and one is in year three.

Some of my favourite things are playing netball and tennis, reading, writing, and making craft.

In tennis, I have recently gotten a ranking. I am 1901 in Australia.

On my holidays, we drove up to Brisbane to see my step nieces and cousins. Then we drove up to Bundaberg to see my grandma ad grandpa and other cousins. We drove back down to Brisbane and then went to mount beauty for a week. I saw my friend Emma there.

In the future, I would like to get better at my maths and English because I thing that these are my weakest subjects and I would like to get better at them.

I am excited for this year and hope we have lots of fun and learn lots!