100 WC Week #5

The prompt is: 

“Are those real?”


“No there fake. Go and by one.” I slide over to the egg stand and by two eggs. one is painted brigh green and the other is a dark yellow.

“Excuse me.” I say,”Are these chocolate eggs?”

“No silly. They are hard boiled eggs. It is a tradition here to have boiled eggs instead of chocolate ones.” The attendent said.

I walk back over to Max.

“They are real.” I say holding out his bright green egg.

“No they aren’t” he says trying to find the edge of his “rapper.” Suddently he sinks his teeth in to the hard shell.



BTN – Voting changes

facts- red

questions- green

understanding- blue

1. Party’s make preference deals

2. The goverment is geting rid of group voting

3. If the changes go ahed it will make a big difference

1. Why did they make group voting in the first place?

2. how do they make the preference deals.

1. I now understand why we are changing the voting



100WC Week #4

The promt is:

“Sally!” I cry as I sprint up the stairs to her bedroom. I thump on the door madly until she opens it.

“Sally you’ll never believe what I saw today.” I said sitting down on her over sized bed.

“What was it Max?” she asked.

“Well I was at the park just walking along and I saw this huge teacup! It was just sitting right in the ground!” I exclaimed.

“Was it gold or bronze? It could be a statue.” Sally asked,

“No it was all colourful and bright.”

“I wonder who put it there.” I say.

“Yeah me too.”



BTN-levels of goverment

facts- red

questions- green

understanding- blue

1. Fedral takes care as the country as a whole

2. State takes care of he states and territories

3. We didn’t always have 3 goverments

1.How did they get the idea to make only three levels?

2. How many people look after each level?

1. I now understand how Local, State and Fedral.

100 WC Week #3

The prompt is: …but what if I was in charge?…

I raced around the table, the Misstress right behind. I ran as fast as I could and sped up the wooden steps to the dorms. I locked the door to my room shut and then lay sprawled on my bed.  I hate this school! They have such harsh rules, …but what if I was in charge? Everything would change. We would have pool parties and lazer tag days. This  would be the best school ever! Well for the kids anyway maybe not the parents. As I lay on my bed looking up at the ceiling I drift off to sleep.

Young Leaders BTN

facts- red

questions- green

understanding- blue

1.You have to lead by example

2.You have to comunticate well

3.There is no one thing that makes you a good leader

1.If you joined the police force how would that stop bullying?

2.  whst do they do at the young leaders presentation?

1. I now understand  what it takes t become a great leader.