100 WC

The prompt is: …but I didn’t understand the instructions…

I stared confused. I had no idea what I was doing.  Professor Lidsey cracked her whip so I started. I shoved pieces on and pulled pieces of prettending to know what I was doing.When I was “finished”, the “catapult” looked like a nightmare.

“What is this?” She asked.

“A catapult miss.”

“How does it work.” she observed the thing from all angles.

“Like this.” I say loading a stick into the basket. I walk halfway around the machine before I find the lever. I pull. Nothing happens.

She raised her whip.

But I didn’t understand the instructions!” 

100 WC Week #9

The prompt is to create a magical animal and write about it.


This new creature is an extraordinary species which we are calling the red winged lizard. Scientists say that this animal can absorb hundreds more heat then us humans and can survive in those temperatures for weeks. We believe that our climate is to cool for the animal and it needs to be returned to it’s habitat as soon as possible.

The red winged lizard has:

.Huge red wings up to 3 m long

.Giant claws to catch hey prey in

.A long tongue to absorb lots of water


100 WC Week #8

The walls were  hard in the cell. I couldn’t escape. Killed for accused muder. If they kill me then thats two deaths in one day. I hear footsteps in the hall and lie back down on my bed, trying to look as innocent as possible.

“Hennry White you have been acused of murder and you shall be hanged. We have just recived a new rope.”

“when did it arrive?’ I said.  

“None of your beeswacks!” Replied the man in a childish tone.


I was marched up onto the platform, the rope was correctly positioned and then the trapdoor opened.

100 WC Week #7


Susan doged around the graves. Finding the right one was crical but  it was hard to tel through the fog. Misty waited by the gates of the cemetery well actualy she was locked out of the cemetery by the gates. She was the lookout but she didn’t understand why she had to be locked out by the big crimson gates. A siren wailed in the distace. Coming closer and closer.

“Susan the police the police are here!” Misty shouted waving her arms frantically although it was hopeless in the fog. Misty dived behind a bush. Misty could hear them open the gates and go inside. Oh no she thought.

100 WC Week #6

My goal is to add more descriptive words.

The prompt is:…Although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress…

She could see the fnish line. Slowly getting closer as their team sprinted through the crowded streets. After a day of scavenger hunting they were exgausted but all that was on their minds was the sweet smell of victory at the finish line. Sally had been apointed the captain of  the team. She turned around and could see the second place team behind them and although they ran quickly, they were still not making enough progress. Sally sped up and so did the team. It would be close.

100 WC Week #5

The prompt is: 

“Are those real?”


“No there fake. Go and by one.” I slide over to the egg stand and by two eggs. one is painted brigh green and the other is a dark yellow.

“Excuse me.” I say,”Are these chocolate eggs?”

“No silly. They are hard boiled eggs. It is a tradition here to have boiled eggs instead of chocolate ones.” The attendent said.

I walk back over to Max.

“They are real.” I say holding out his bright green egg.

“No they aren’t” he says trying to find the edge of his “rapper.” Suddently he sinks his teeth in to the hard shell.



100WC Week #4

The promt is:

“Sally!” I cry as I sprint up the stairs to her bedroom. I thump on the door madly until she opens it.

“Sally you’ll never believe what I saw today.” I said sitting down on her over sized bed.

“What was it Max?” she asked.

“Well I was at the park just walking along and I saw this huge teacup! It was just sitting right in the ground!” I exclaimed.

“Was it gold or bronze? It could be a statue.” Sally asked,

“No it was all colourful and bright.”

“I wonder who put it there.” I say.

“Yeah me too.”



100 WC Week #3

The prompt is: …but what if I was in charge?…

I raced around the table, the Misstress right behind. I ran as fast as I could and sped up the wooden steps to the dorms. I locked the door to my room shut and then lay sprawled on my bed.  I hate this school! They have such harsh rules, …but what if I was in charge? Everything would change. We would have pool parties and lazer tag days. This  would be the best school ever! Well for the kids anyway maybe not the parents. As I lay on my bed looking up at the ceiling I drift off to sleep.

100 WC Week #2

the promt is: Ladder   Goldfish   Flew   Brown   Slowly

I climbed up the ladder slowly and carefully. It wobbled with every step. As I reach the top I cluch onto the gutter and start shoveling leaves out. I am baking under the midmorning light as I foget I am on a ladder and move. it wobbles so vilenty I am trown off. I fly through the air and land in a puddle of sticky brown mud. Great. I trudge inside to clean myself up and glace over at the fishtank. The goldfish is dead. floating above the water. I sigh. it’s going to be a long day.