September 10

100 WC Week #31

The prompt is: 

I was running. The kite was flying behind me. Suddenly I tripped. There was a hole, a huge hole, it was bigger than my foot but it was shaped like a footprint. I looked around. No – one was around this part of the park. I took another look at the footprints. I thought that they had been made from a long time ago because they had moss growing around the edges. I was worried. I grabbed some sand from the nearby sand pit and filled in the hole. I ran away from there as fast as I could never looking back. I never go to that park anymore but i’m not sure why.

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September 3

100 WC Week #30

The prompt is: … then suddenly it went dark…

The floor was creaking. It was following me! I ran faster. The marble vases and photos fell to the floor with a crash. It was catching up. I turned the corner into the living room and tried to get out the back door. It was locked. It was getting closer. I turned into the laundry and locked the door behind me. I ran into the parlor and locked that door too. I was trapped. The Landry door opened with a snap. He was right outside the parlor. The door crashed open and then suddenly it went dark…

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August 20

The prompt is: 

I was laughing like crazy! My flippers were jiggling up and down as Johnny the duck performed his latest trick.

“I shall now create a tornado in the pond!” he cried and started randomly swimming in slow circles. I jumped into the pond flicked my tail and started swimming in a speedy circle around the pond in a second I had made a animal swallowing tornado and he just had a slow current! I collapsed on the beach laughing again, as I watched Johnny swimming in circles I knew that this was going to be a slow day… and I was wrong.

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August 13

100 WC Week #38

The prompt is: Cushion     Scarlet     Annoying    Watered    Violin

There it was, the SCARLET globe! I was memorized and the whole room went black. The sweet sound of VIOLIN filled my ears and and felt like I was sitting on a velvet CUSHION! Suddenly the violins turned into talking, the velvet cushion turned into a broken patched up mattress and the darkness around me turned into light. I was in my dark cave that smelt like old cheese and an ANNOYING patch of sunlight streamed onto my face. The patched up mattress was cold underneath me. I stood up and WATERED my plants. This was going to be a normal boring day.


August 3

100 WC Week #37

The prompt is: …but then the flash made me…

“But Dad…”

“No buts! You blinked in the very important family photo that we only take once a decade!”

“Dad let me explain. I was all ready to take the photo. I was smiling and standing perfectly still in the very uncomfortable position you gave me to stand in… but then the flash made me blink because it was so bright and for a second I thought I was dead!”

“No excuses! Your grounded!”

“Dad it’s not fair! All I did was blink!”

“Go to your room… now!”

This is the worst day ever!

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July 30

100 WC Week #36

The prompt is: …when all of a sudden…

I saw my life flash before my eyes. They where coming closer. The swarm was huge! Why did I have to choose this bee hive? My parents were deathly allergic to bees… and so was I! I was getting tired of running and my legs were aching. I turned a right towards the Town Hall. The bees followed I turned left towards the Post Office. The bees followed. I was just about to give up …when all of a sudden… I fell. I fell down a porthole and into a pile of muck. The bees didn’t follow me then.

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July 24

100 WC Week #35


 It was weekend sharing and I was   informing everyone about the time I had at the fair.

“I was at the fair,” I said, “and all of  sudden… the horses jumped of the merry- go round!”

“Sounds  made up.” laughed Tim.

“I’m telling the truth. Look outside and the horses won’t be on the merry- go round!”

Everyone crowded around the window trying to get a look at the merry- go round.

“Look there are the horses!” Tim exclaimed.

I couldn’t believe it the horses where right there life-less on the merry- go round!

“Oh my god! Look!” Screamed Jamie. Everyone stared as the horses jumped off the merry- go round!

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June 4

100 WC Week #34



This weeks prompt is: …the water just kept gushing out…

My goal is: to not use the same sentence starter for every sentence.

“I couldn’t stop it!” I said. “The water just kept gushing out of the tap and I couldn’t reach the switch.”

“Ohh, so your blaming me for this flooded house! I was away for 1 Hour and you couldn’t even behave yourself! Your 12!” Dad shouted at me.

“I’m sorry!” I shouted back. I ran into my room and felt like I had done something awful. Something much more terrible then flooding the house. I curled up into a ball and felt like I would never come out again.



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May 27

100 WC Week #32


The prompt is: fast supper Gloucester cathedral



Kate hated burgers! She hated everything from the squishy, soaked buns to the slimy patty. Kate tried to avoid burgers as much as she could but there was one devastating problem. Kate’s parents loved burgers! Every night her parents would order 50 to 60 family sized burgers and sit in front of the TV shoving them down their throats. Kate would usually sneak of to her bedroom but sometimes her parents would catch her.

“Sit down!” Her mother would shout.

“Finish your burger!” Her dad would yell.

So Kate would have to watch her parents hold the burgers in front of their mouths before shoving them down their throats.

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May 21

100 WC Week #31

This week I have five words: WIDE   ORANGE   CROCODILE   WITHIN   COLLAPSED

Orange dirt ran through my toes. I ran across the dirt and dodged the dead trees and stones. I had on my bathing suits and I was going for a swim. I suddenly stopped. On the wide open bank, I spotted a crocodile! It spotted me and started to crawl closer. I ducked behind a tall rock and collapsed into the sand. Suddenly a huge scaly leg appeared in front of the tree and soon I was looking into the huge open mouth of a crocodile! It moved a step closer and snapped is jaws closed. I was swallowed into the darkness within



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