100 WC Week #34



This weeks prompt is: …the water just kept gushing out…

My goal is: to not use the same sentence starter for every sentence.

“I couldn’t stop it!” I said. “The water just kept gushing out of the tap and I couldn’t reach the switch.”

“Ohh, so your blaming me for this flooded house! I was away for 1 Hour and you couldn’t even behave yourself! Your 12!” Dad shouted at me.

“I’m sorry!” I shouted back. I ran into my room and felt like I had done something awful. Something much more terrible then flooding the house. I curled up into a ball and felt like I would never come out again.



100 WC Week #32


The prompt is: fast supper Gloucester cathedral



Kate hated burgers! She hated everything from the squishy, soaked buns to the slimy patty. Kate tried to avoid burgers as much as she could but there was one devastating problem. Kate’s parents loved burgers! Every night her parents would order 50 to 60 family sized burgers and sit in front of the TV shoving them down their throats. Kate would usually sneak of to her bedroom but sometimes her parents would catch her.

“Sit down!” Her mother would shout.

“Finish your burger!” Her dad would yell.

So Kate would have to watch her parents hold the burgers in front of their mouths before shoving them down their throats.

100 WC Week #31

This week I have five words: WIDE   ORANGE   CROCODILE   WITHIN   COLLAPSED

Orange dirt ran through my toes. I ran across the dirt and dodged the dead trees and stones. I had on my bathing suits and I was going for a swim. I suddenly stopped. On the wide open bank, I spotted a crocodile! It spotted me and started to crawl closer. I ducked behind a tall rock and collapsed into the sand. Suddenly a huge scaly leg appeared in front of the tree and soon I was looking into the huge open mouth of a crocodile! It moved a step closer and snapped is jaws closed. I was swallowed into the darkness within



100 WC Week #30

This weeks prompt is: I just couldn’t eat something so…

“Eat it! Eat it!” Everyone yelled. It wiggled in my hands.

“Pinch your nose and close your eyes.” my friend Zoe whispered in my ear. I gulped. I shut my eyes pinched my nose and held the worm above my mouth, I dropped it and down it went. It wiggled in my mouth as it tried to get out. It tasted like rotten eggs with sauce. After a few disgusting chews, I gulped it down. The crowd erupted in cheers.

“I can’t believe you did that. I just couldn’t eat something so slimy and…” Zoe walked of a look of disgust on her face.

100 WC Week #29

The 100 WC site is back up!

This weeks prompt is: …the slime dripped through…

I rushed down the steps and into the hallway. I can hear the squelch of the slime as it moved down the stairs. I swerved into room 53 and shut the door. I dived into the cupboard. It moved down the hallway rattling the doorknobs. It stopped in front of room 53 blocking any light from entering the room. The doorknob turned and the door creaked open. It turned towards the cupboards and the slime dripped through the cracks in the door. It pulled the doors open and I was swallowed in to darkness and slime…

100 WC

The prompt is:

Crash! The lightning flashed across the sky slicing the mast in half! The ship wobbled and swayed. Harry Wasad Climbed down the log ladder into the corridor. He rushed into his room and grabbed his diary from under his pillow. He raced into the kitchen and found a big glass jar. Crash! The thunder struck again. Harry toppled over. He took his diary out from his pocket, placed it in the jar then put the lid on a tossed it out the window. He climbed onto the deck and clutched onto the wheel as the magnificent ship toppled into the sea.


100 WC

The prompt this week was: 

I ran across the humongous rocks and dodged the broken twigs. The Queen was sick and the colony needed water. I was suddenly soaked by a droplet that fell from the sky. I grabbed a leaf and placed it under the falling water and the next drop landed in a perfect ball on the leaf. I started to push the leaf back towards the ant hill. It took time as I had to dodge all the rocks, sticks or anything sharp that would burst my droplet. When I got back they revived the Queen and they awarded me a medal for saving the her.

Ps: the 100 WC site is down so this is a prompt from my Teacher.

100 WC Week #28!

This week the prompt is: 


Toot tooooot! The train station was packed and Hadley had to jog to keep up with her parents. She ducked under suitcases and swerved around benches. Her train was leaving in 5 minutes. She ducked as a bird cage came swinging towards her. Platform 11 was at the end of the station next to the old brick wall of the tunnel. She sat down next to her parents. 2 minutes to go. She couldn’t help staring at two kids playing at the old wall. They looked like they were playing truth or dare. Then one stood up and walked right through the wall!

100 WC Week #25

The prompt this week was …so that is why I am always last…:

Thud! My feet hit the ground and my heart is pounding. 10 meters. The race has begun. 9 meters. I feel good, I can make it. 8 meters. My legs are aching. 7 meters. My mouth feels like a desert and I am gasping for air. 6 meters. My face is drenched in sweat. 5 meters. I can see the finish line! 4 meters. Woosh! Someone speeds past me. 3 meters.  So that is why I am always last 2 meters. Sam kay always beats me. 1 meter. I rush over the finish line. I didn’t win this time. 


100 W.C Week #24

The prompt is: 

The air felt fresh and the wind blew wildly through the trees. My brother was beside me. We walked to the large oak tree where we usually rest when the sun is at full blast. I was reaching for the picnic basket when I noticed something outragous about the trees on the other side of the path. They all had statues of hand coming out from underneath them. I pulled the basket closer. Boom! A stone hand emerged from underneath my brother! It pulled him down. There was only one thing to do. I jumped down into the darkness.