Horizon 2 – Deadzone


4.5 star rating

Horizon 2 – Deadzone is an interesting and exiting book set in a foreign world. The author Jennifer A. Nielsen really encourages you to think outside the box as the characters discover new and amazing things that changes their world.

Horizon 2 is set in a world inside our world where two moons rise every night and strange creatures invade the land. Javi, Oliver, Yoshi, Anna, Kira, Akiko and Molly all try to make their way across the desert in this second horizon book. They face tornados, robots willing to kill and heaps more and the killbot team makes their way to the building on the other side of the sand.

I found Horizon 2 – Deadzone and interesting and addictive book that you won’t want to put down. I recommend this book to people aged 9+ and let you take in all the mystery, adventure and bravery of this magnificent book.