Africa splitting in two!

Facts: purple

Questions: yellow

Understanding: Orange

1. Africa is splitting apart and will have completly split in the next tens of million years.

2. South America and Africa broke up about 138 million years ago.

3. The crack is more than 15m deep and more that 15 meters wide

1. Why is it happening there?

2. Could it ever happen to other countries?

1. I now understand what is happening in Africa and why it is splitting apart.



Herald sun – Volcano eruption

Facts: purple

Questions: yellow

Understanding: Orange

  1.  The volcano as been active for 35 years
  2.  The lava can reach the temprature 1150 degrees c
  3. The volcano has already distroyed 26 holme


  1. Why is the volcano erupting?
  2. What makes it erupt?


  1. I understand why volcanoes are dangerous and why we need to evacuate when they erupt nearby.


BTN straw no more

Facts- red

Questions- green

Understanding- blue

1We use 10 million straws a day.

2 Molly has perswaded the council to remove straws

3 Mollly has perswaded 90 schools to stop using straws

1 Why does plastic take so long to reduce?

2 why do animals think that plastic is food?

1 I now understand why we shouldn’t use plastic straws

BTN – Voting changes

facts- red

questions- green

understanding- blue

1. Party’s make preference deals

2. The goverment is geting rid of group voting

3. If the changes go ahed it will make a big difference

1. Why did they make group voting in the first place?

2. how do they make the preference deals.

1. I now understand why we are changing the voting



BTN-levels of goverment

facts- red

questions- green

understanding- blue

1. Fedral takes care as the country as a whole

2. State takes care of he states and territories

3. We didn’t always have 3 goverments

1.How did they get the idea to make only three levels?

2. How many people look after each level?

1. I now understand how Local, State and Fedral.

Young Leaders BTN

facts- red

questions- green

understanding- blue

1.You have to lead by example

2.You have to comunticate well

3.There is no one thing that makes you a good leader

1.If you joined the police force how would that stop bullying?

2.  whst do they do at the young leaders presentation?

1. I now understand  what it takes t become a great leader.       

BTN – coding school

red – facts

blue – questions

green- understanding

1. Codeing school is held  at Aberfeldie high

2. They make ames and uplode them to the app store

3. Thhey get together twice a week and the club has been hel for three years

1. how complecated is it to code on that app?

2. is it harde han scrach?

1. I undestand about how codeing club works and what they do.