BTN – coding school

red – facts

blue – questions

green- understanding

1. Codeing school is held  at Aberfeldie high

2. They make ames and uplode them to the app store

3. Thhey get together twice a week and the club has been hel for three years

1. how complecated is it to code on that app?

2. is it harde han scrach?

1. I undestand about how codeing club works and what they do.

BTN Weedy sea dragon

Blue – Questions

Red – facts

Green – understanding

1- Weedy sea dragons are near threatened but we hope that we can get them up to endangered

2 – To identify the dragons they are giving them a facial recognition to identify their unique patterns

3 –  global warming could be the problem

1- will we ever run out of sea dragons?

2 – will there be a new type of sea dragon?

1 – I now understand how endangered sea dragons are.

Plastic bags BTN

Blue – Questions

Red – facts

Green – understanding

1. We use over 4 billion plastic bags a year!

2. If we tied all those plastic bags together it would be enough to go around the world 25 times!

3. It takes hundreds of thousands of years for a plastic bag to break down.

1. I wonder if we will ever use so many plastic bags we couldn’t move!

2. I wonder if they will ever ban plastic bags?

1. Now I understand how dangerous littering is.

Tassie Devils BTN

Blue – Questions

Red – facts

Green – understanding

1. Tassie devil population has been cut by 80%!

2. There is a devil tumour disease. It grows around their mouth until they can’t eat and they starve to death!

3.  We believe that tassie devils died out around 400 years ago!

 1. I wonder if they will ever find a cure for the devils?

2. I wonder if They will ever breed enough devils to put them out of extinction?

1. Now I understand how we are trying to deal with the tassie devils extinction.


Space junk BTN

Blue – Questions

Red – facts

Green – understanding

There are more than satilights in space. There is lots of dangerous space junk. There are 22 000 pieces bigger than a softball and more than 500 000 bigger than a marble orbiting the earth. They travel with the speed of a car going and 200 km per hour! The Swiss have launched a satilight called clean space 1 and it will grab space junk and burn it in the atmosphere. they are using a pair of soft octopus’s arms to hold the object as it brings it back to earth.

I wonder if it will work as well as they planned?

I wonder if space will ever be clean? 

I now understand how dangerous space junk is.


RoboRoos BTN

Blue – Questions

Red – facts

Green – understanding

The FRC is the First Robot Competition. It is where groups of people design robots and battle them. This team is called the RoboRoo’s. The first couple of weeks are the design phase, where they pull all their ideas together to decide on which robot to build. They have the different sections, mechanics – building the robot,  electrical – putting the wires together, software – coding and the pnematics – connecting the air hoses.  Each battle goes for 2 minutes and 30 seconds. You have to: collect gears and place them in air  shifts, place balls in boilers and climb ropes, all with your robot!   

I wonder how long it takes to build a robot?

I wonder what happens with your robot if you win the competition?

I know understand how hard building robots can be and the different steps to building one.   



Mars Mission BTN

Blue – Questions

Red – facts

Green – understanding

Scientists have successfully guided a robot the size of a car to land on Mars! It took 8 months to reach the planet then it’s shield had to withstand 1600 degrees Celsius as it crashed through the atmosphere! Then they would have 7 minutes to slow down from 20,000 km to 0. But they were successful and on Monday we saw pictures of Mars on Mars! It is not the first robot on Mars but it is the biggest and most equipped. It’s job is to analyse rocks on Mars. The aim is to find out more about what Mars is made of and if there is any life on Mars. Mars is the most like our planet in the solar system. It has an atmosphere and even signs of water. Scientists think that there used to be life on Mars and think that we will find some.

Who will be the first people on Mars?

When we send people to Mars to build the campsite will they send more astronauts?

Now I understand how they get robots to Mars and what a big group of people it takes to achieve it.   

two convicts steal a place in history

This is the link:

Blue – Questions

Red – facts

Green – understanding

Purple – possible ansers to Questions


Privet Suds and Privet Thompson steal a piece of cloth.

Regular soldiers get lousy pay to endure boredom, brutality and homesickness. Suds and Thompson think that convicts are better off. 

The sentence handed down was transportation to a second penal colony for seven years!

The other soldiers put iron chains on them. They are torture. they don’t let the prisoner stand or walk.

privet Suds is seriously ill. His stomach bloats, his arms and legs swell. He is taken to the prison hospital where the chains were removed. 5 days later he dies.

I wonder why privet suds got ill and what the sickness was?

I also wonder why their sentence went for so long? 

Maybe it was because they were soldiers and they Judge felt like they had betrayed the country.

I now understand what soldiers go through and how they should be treated. 


The First Fleet BTN

link one:

link two:

Blue – Questions

Red – facts

Green – understanding


This BTN was about how the aboriginals felt when the first fleet arrived:

The aboriginals were worried about what the white people would do to them if they found out that they were on the land. They were also curious because the English people were new so they wanted to know more about them. The aboriginals were careful around the new animals (cows) because they hadn’t seen them before.  I wonder what the white people thought when they saw kangaroo’s? The aboriginals weren’t familiar with the white people’s equipment and why they were on their land. This helped me understand how the aboriginals felt when the first fleet arrived.


This BTN was how the English got to NSW:

England’s jails were full in the 1700’s and the laws were harsh. If you stole you could be hanged. But they couldn’t hang everyone. They didn’t know what to do with the criminals. They could transport them and they had colony’s in Africa and America, but America had risen up against England so that was no longer an option. So they decided to make a new colony in NSW which was claimed England’s in 1770 by Captain Cook. I wonder why Captain Cook didn’t make a colony when he found NSW? They sent 11 ships, 6 filled with convicts, 2 carrying the navy for protection and 3 filled with supplies. On the 19 of January they arrived in Botany Bay and 7 days later they docked at Sydney Cove. They thought that the land was different and new. This helped me realize how the first fleet came to Australia and why they came. 


First BTN – NZ Volcano this is the link 😉

Blue – Questions

Red – facts

Green – understanding

The BTN was all about the Volcano Mt Ruapehu in New Zealand:

The New Zealand volcano is called Mt Ruapehu and it is half way between Wellington and Auckland. It is the most active volcano in New Zealand. The last time the volcano was active was in 1953 on Christmas Eve when it knocked over a passenger train and killed 150 people! 😢  scientists placed sensors on the volcano so they could see if it showed any volcanic activity. I wonder how they can judge the volcanic activity if the sensors are on the outside? The volcano has a lake in it’s crater so when it erupts hot ash and water come tumbling down the mountain. It causes a mud flow called lahar.  I wonder how hot the ash is if the water is there to cool it? I wonder if the water even cools it?! If the water is in the crater how does the volcano erupt? It helped me understand how dangerous Volcano’s can be and what comes out of the volcano besides lava and rocks.