The ancient study of astronomy

  1. The Babylon people created calenders.
  2. The Maya people created the Mayan long count calender that uses the base twenty counting system they created.
  3. The Greeks created the ptolemaic system that proved that earth was in the centre of the universe a theory that was later disproven.

1.  How did we find out that earth isn’t in the centre of the universe?

2.  How does the base ten calender work?

  1. I now understand how we started to understand astronomy and how much our understanding has grown.

100 WC #1

The prompt is: “so, as I looked over the edge I saw…”

I look over the edge and see water. I back away and sit down on a deck chair. My friend Sarah comes over.

“Why don’t you go in?” She asks.

“I don’t like the water.” I say.

“Come on it’s not that bad. She says. “I’ll go with you.”  I stand up reluctantly and walk over to the pool. I dip my feet into the cold water and wait. Sarah jumps in and waits for me. I slide in slowly the water rising past my waist then my shoulders. I slip under the water and think to myself, this isn’t so bad.

Techtonic plates

Will techtonic plates continue to split?

The techtonic plates will indeed continue to split as Africa will lose East africa in about 50 million years. This just shows how the ground underneath us could be spliting at this very moment.