100 WC challenge

Prompt: But what colour should it be?

The sun is is yellow the sky is blue,

And as soon as I look at you I knew,

It couldn’t be purple or yellow or green,

Or marigold blossom or cherry supreme,

I close my eyes and think of the trees,

I really don’t know what colour it should be,

I open my eyes and take a look,

At my Dad, Mum and my best friend Brooke,

They all look up at the clear blue sky,

Where I spot an arch forming up high,

It should not be one colour or two or three,

It should be many like a rainbow should be.


100 WC

The prompt is: …but I didn’t understand the instructions…

I stared confused. I had no idea what I was doing.  Professor Lidsey cracked her whip so I started. I shoved pieces on and pulled pieces of prettending to know what I was doing.When I was “finished”, the “catapult” looked like a nightmare.

“What is this?” She asked.

“A catapult miss.”

“How does it work.” she observed the thing from all angles.

“Like this.” I say loading a stick into the basket. I walk halfway around the machine before I find the lever. I pull. Nothing happens.

She raised her whip.

But I didn’t understand the instructions!” 

Africa splitting in two!

Facts: purple

Questions: yellow

Understanding: Orange

1. Africa is splitting apart and will have completly split in the next tens of million years.

2. South America and Africa broke up about 138 million years ago.

3. The crack is more than 15m deep and more that 15 meters wide

1. Why is it happening there?

2. Could it ever happen to other countries?

1. I now understand what is happening in Africa and why it is splitting apart.



Herald sun – Volcano eruption

Facts: purple

Questions: yellow

Understanding: Orange

  1.  The volcano as been active for 35 years
  2.  The lava can reach the temprature 1150 degrees c
  3. The volcano has already distroyed 26 holme


  1. Why is the volcano erupting?
  2. What makes it erupt?


  1. I understand why volcanoes are dangerous and why we need to evacuate when they erupt nearby.


100 WC Week #9

The prompt is to create a magical animal and write about it.


This new creature is an extraordinary species which we are calling the red winged lizard. Scientists say that this animal can absorb hundreds more heat then us humans and can survive in those temperatures for weeks. We believe that our climate is to cool for the animal and it needs to be returned to it’s habitat as soon as possible.

The red winged lizard has:

.Huge red wings up to 3 m long

.Giant claws to catch hey prey in

.A long tongue to absorb lots of water


Will the plates ever come back together?

The plates are in constant motion and in 100 million years scientists predict that a new super continent will form. “Amasia” will be formed by Europe and Asia coming together. The last previous super conitinents have been “Pangaea” and “Rodinia”.  It is still unclear if the continents will reform into a previous super conitinent.


Techtonic plates

Will techtonic plates continue to split?

The techtonic plates will indeed continue to split as Africa will lose East africa in about 50 million years. This just shows how the ground underneath us could be spliting at this very moment.