BTN – coding school

red – facts

blue – questions

green- understanding

1. Codeing school is held  at Aberfeldie high

2. They make ames and uplode them to the app store

3. Thhey get together twice a week and the club has been hel for three years

1. how complecated is it to code on that app?

2. is it harde han scrach?

1. I undestand about how codeing club works and what they do.

100 WC Week #36

The prompt is: …but where would we hide it all?…

I look up and see blury images on the walls as I speed past. We turn into our room and look at our stash. Two crunchies four mars bars and four lolly snakes. I turn to Jimmy my younger brother and we hi-five before digging in to our candy feast.

“I can’t belive Mum hasn’t caught us!” I say after finshing off my last lolly snake.

We both looked at the pile of rapers infront of us. But where would we hide it all? Sundenly there was a knock on the door.

100 WC Week #35

the prompt is: flame,  swimming,  celebrated, white, tomorrow       

The flame spirted high into the sky. earth around me was white from the days of snow. We had just celebrated christmas and tomorrow we would go back to the plain old days  of swimming in pools or playing with friends. Some of my friends are going overseas while I stay here trapped in a country I have grown up in and know everythng about. not going on an adventure not seeing the world. I will be trapped here no matter what happens.

100 WC Week #34


My goal is to add show not tell to my writing.

The prompt is :…as the door slammed, I knew…

“Stop it’s mine!” I screamed.

“No it is mine” Shelly screached.  We were fighting over  the IPad a typical thing that we do every day. We were rolling around on the floor tring to grab it befroe the other did. When suddenly I said,

“You are a pig Shelly a mean nasty pig!” Shelly’s eyes bulded wide and staarted to fill up with water, her red cheeks fading.

She ran away and slammed the door to her room, and as the door slamed, I knew I had said the wrong thing.


100 WC Week# 33






The prompt is:


They were sticking out of the water like there was a body attached but there was none. The legs lay there like part of a prank. We all first noticed them on the same day Friday the 13th. Now Friday the 13th has a special curse on it as three boys went missing that day and three pairs of legs sprouted out of the ground. Still they lay here sprouting up like a candle that’s never been lit. someone said they once saw them move with their very own eyes. I don’t know if it’s true but anything can happen on friday the 13th.

100 WC Week #32

The prompt is:…so, what lies ahead of…

I can barely feel my feet as I rush across the sand. I bolt towards the lake and jump into a canoe. I can see the others in the distance as they sprint across the sand. I look behind me as I near the middle of the lake. The signs say go around but I would be wasting valuable time. I row into the middle of the lake. The water is churning as I row faster. I speed up a tentacle reaches out of the water. It grab’s my canoe and pulls me under. So, what lies ahead of the lake… I don’t know.

100 WC Week #31

The prompt is: 

I was running. The kite was flying behind me. Suddenly I tripped. There was a hole, a huge hole, it was bigger than my foot but it was shaped like a footprint. I looked around. No – one was around this part of the park. I took another look at the footprints. I thought that they had been made from a long time ago because they had moss growing around the edges. I was worried. I grabbed some sand from the nearby sand pit and filled in the hole. I ran away from there as fast as I could never looking back. I never go to that park anymore but i’m not sure why.

100 WC Week #30

The prompt is: … then suddenly it went dark…

The floor was creaking. It was following me! I ran faster. The marble vases and photos fell to the floor with a crash. It was catching up. I turned the corner into the living room and tried to get out the back door. It was locked. It was getting closer. I turned into the laundry and locked the door behind me. I ran into the parlor and locked that door too. I was trapped. The Landry door opened with a snap. He was right outside the parlor. The door crashed open and then suddenly it went dark…

The prompt is: 

I was laughing like crazy! My flippers were jiggling up and down as Johnny the duck performed his latest trick.

“I shall now create a tornado in the pond!” he cried and started randomly swimming in slow circles. I jumped into the pond flicked my tail and started swimming in a speedy circle around the pond in a second I had made a animal swallowing tornado and he just had a slow current! I collapsed on the beach laughing again, as I watched Johnny swimming in circles I knew that this was going to be a slow day… and I was wrong.

100 WC Week #38

The prompt is: Cushion     Scarlet     Annoying    Watered    Violin

There it was, the SCARLET globe! I was memorized and the whole room went black. The sweet sound of VIOLIN filled my ears and and felt like I was sitting on a velvet CUSHION! Suddenly the violins turned into talking, the velvet cushion turned into a broken patched up mattress and the darkness around me turned into light. I was in my dark cave that smelt like old cheese and an ANNOYING patch of sunlight streamed onto my face. The patched up mattress was cold underneath me. I stood up and WATERED my plants. This was going to be a normal boring day.